SOIE JARDIN, "silk garden" in French, was born in Provence, southern France, in the spring of 2014, with its operating headquarters in Shanghai, China. It focuses on the younger silk products research and development and marketing. It was a registered brand under Siyu (Shanghai) Apparel Co., Ltd., and its French parent company SAS PASSION FARANDOLE is aimed at connecting with European design resources and markets. SOIE JARDIN has designed the home garment model based on the high quality life style, and unifies the artistic printing design to make silk household clothing products young, fashionable and artistic, which creates a kind of brand-new healthy young home life idea.

        The brand highly values the artistry and rejuvenation of silk, which makes the dynamic  millennials  interested in and love silk with innovative means to promote silk culture. 

        SOIE  JARDIN  insists on originality and intellectual property protection, building partnerships with artists to graft the plane of art onto silk. Unique in the field of silk industry, it actively carries out the cooperation with cross-border artists and pioneer illustrators, and even the in-depth cooperation with art colleges and universities. Unique artistic printing  is the most  significant feature of brand . 

OUR VALUES:About  Art, literature,happiness, Love,beauty,human,and life.